Nový Bukáčkův domov

Nový Bukáčkův domov

Lukáš se byl včera (sobota 27. června) podívat u čapího hnízda Veselice (u Jaroměře), na kterém je umístěn mladý Bukáček. Všechna čápata neviděl, ale zachytil hnízdo i adoptivní čapí rodiče. Jak se Bukáčkovi daří se snad časem dozvíme na stránkách jaroměrské záchranné stanice.

3 thoughts on “Nový Bukáčkův domov

  1. It is a pity that there is no more precise information on the baby adopted by this nest.
    For this I send you a suggestion: for nests that do not have a control camera and cannot be observed from nearby buildings, you could use a drone …. in this way you would have precise news and also a fantastic report to be published in the stork diary.
    Anyway thanks for the passion you put in and that manages to involve us all in loving and respecting nature and those who live there.
    PS = I apologize in advance for my English, but translating from Italian to Czech would have been even more difficult ….

    1. There is a problem that white stork is a protected animal, which shouldn´t be disturbed during nesting season. Only ornitologists are allowed to enter the nest in urgent cases.

      1. I think that the control of an adoption can be called an „urgent case“, precisely because the stork is a protected animal and every little one who manages to achieve independence is a success …
        And then, a drone remotely controlled for a few minutes on the nest is not comparable to the disturbance of a human who goes inside ….
        Mine was only a suggestion to monitor particular situations in the future with difficult logistics

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